About us.

Ewerta is a new kind of payment company offering simple, convenient, and affordable ways to pay online


Our pricing model is clear, readily available, and understandable. To put it simply, we believe our pricing offer is so good we can show it to everyone. In fact you can check it out right now.

It is as simple as that. There are no underwater rocks or hidden surcharges, and we will not call you in the middle of the night to tell you about some outstanding payments. We are happy if you are happy – so we work hard to make sure you are.


We offer the right financing tools to help you grow your business and expand your possibilities. Whether you are just shopping, running your business, or planning the next big move, our 0% payment plans, flexible payment methods and SME & start-up crediting give you the edge that helps you succeed. And, of course, we offer special pricing models for our loyal clients.


When we say we are open and accessible, we really mean it.
Our large variety of payment methods opens access to online shopping to a previously underserved customer segments.
Our clear and honest pricing model and easy onboarding opens the online shopping market to new businesses; with Ewerta, it is significantly easier to set up shop and start accepting payments.

We remain open to new and innovative business models. No matter what, where or how you are selling, we will help you find the best payment solution.